Sense Track

Smart Intellects

Sense Track delivers the smart intellect required to run your daily operations, so you can focus on more productive tasks.

Sense track enables tracking of  live status of sensors, health status of various sensor readings, signal strength and battery life, if applicable.Sense track promotes immediate actions by processing sensor inputs against the thresholds defined for each sensor. The smart intellect feature of the system leverages data gathered over a period of time to notify on reviews and actions needed.

Sense track helps bridge all your sensors, gateways /edge servers from various providers in a single platform. Basis the priority of the application of the sensor, alerts are sent to the  monitoring team.

Sense Track can work with the Truck O Truck app solution to provide Transportation monitoring while Sense Track monitors the transported products/environments condition. 

Sensor Lists



Dry Contact

Voltage Sensors

Light Sensors

Vehicle Sensors

Asset Sensors

Pressure Sensors

Airflow Sensors

Water Sensors

Vibration Sensors

CO Gas Sensors

Pulse Sensors

Flex Sensors

Compass Sensors

Humidity Sensors

Open/Close Sensors


Current Sensors

Some Sensor applications  around environment, power and motion are

Agriculture/Livestock Monitoring

City and Government Operations

Cold Chain Monitoring

Commercial Refrigeration


Data Centers and Server Rooms Monitoring

Energy Exploration

Facility Monitoring

Financial Instructions

Food Service Monitoring

Green House Monitoring

Grocery and Convenience Stores

Grow House Monitoring

Hospital and Clinic Monitoring

Hospitality and Lodging

HVAC Monitoring

Laboratory and Pharmaceutical Operations

Logistics and Warehouse

Manufacturing Production

Marina and boat Monitoring

Morgue and Tissue Monitoring

Pest Remediation

Pet and Animal Welfare

Remote Temperature Monitoring

Vaccine Monitoring

Water Leak Detection