Enabling Development Office of Institutes for Student Career Progression, Alumni Network, Industry engagement and Donations.

India’s National Education Policy Draft 2019 requires setup of Development Office – a strong structure and mechanism for raising resources. In addition, UGC quality mandate requires Student career progress tracking, Industry and Social Connect, regard to which all institutes where informed via UGC circulars in Nov 2019 to effectively engage alumni.

Using alumni as leverages to further strengthen the university has been a challenge due to unavailability of

  1. Latest contact details.
  2. Current working/entrepreneurship details.
  3. Lack of continuous engagement.

We introduce to you Devark, a software as a service system for Student Career Progression, Alumni Network, Industry engagement and Donations.

Devark will enable you with the following features:

  1. Alumni, Industry Registration.
  2. Latest profile of industry and alumni with social media links (such as LinkedIn, Facebook) for complete profile.
  3. Leverage philanthropic activities by Indian, NRI and Foreign individuals, corporates (CSR) and community.
  4. Provide transparency in the utilization of monetary, physical asset and bequeath asset donations.
  5. Managing Interactions of industry, alumni and students by posts on News, Notifications, Blogs, Events, Internship and Job Opportunity.
  6. Enable Alumni connect based reporting for UGC/NAAC/AICTE/NBA accreditations.
  7. Distinguished alumni profile public view in website.
  8. Alumni success stories of all alumni in alumni database.


Devark for India:

Devark’s  Indian version is integrated with Digilocker to facilitate alumni registration and  certificate management.

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